A toast to the end of time (wasted).

In the time I have spent recently evaluating where I am and where I want to be, I have had to pin down the activities which are time wasters.  Unfortunately this means I must put aside things that will never be more than a hobby.  As it stands, this will leave me with very little distraction aside from the work which pays the few bills I have.

It is always the case, but I am truly responsible for my own success or failure in achieving the life I want.  If I don’t eliminate the non-essential, my life will be ruled by it.  I must take true ownership of my life and get moving on my goals.  There is much to achieve and it is never certain how long we all have.

So I will pour myself a little cocktail this evening and toast to the things that brought me joy but must be eliminated.  The payoff is worth the sacrifice.

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