As time passes us.

It has been over 4 months since my last post and I had almost forgotten what the purpose of this all was.  This site is a reminder that I know what one of my most powerful passions is:  To travel this world.

Life has gotten in the way repeatedly and it has helped me evaluate what the word actually means.  One of the conclusions I have reached is that what has actually happened is that real life has been continuously interrupted by trivial shit that just doesn’t matter.  Work should mean something, and mine does not, outside of the confines of the effects it has for our immediate family, the employees, and their families.  That isn’t enough for me, but it can serve as a means to an end.

Real life, and not this endless series of routines, is what I seek.  I look inward to find it, and my instinct guides my eyes out, to the image of the Earth on Google.  The world is such a beautiful place on this 2 dimensional map, but it isn’t real until I put on my glasses and hop to the 3rd dimension.  I have heard the call and I must heed it.