What’s next?

Having passed into my 39th year in July, the annual review of life is in full swing. What is the next big step in my life? I’m trying to get the drop on my midlife crisis by doing a bunch of awesome stuff all at once.

A shift in career is on the near horizon and I am still 100% unsure what the destination is. Should I be worried about that prospect? Probably. Seems like any reasonable person would be. But there is nothing but hope and desire there when I look where fear should be. Maybe that part of me is missing?

Love is a prominent feature in my life once again. Love with someone who makes everything better and it is so effortless that I can literally just be myself without a single sacrifice to be a part of the relationship. The traditional worry of losing something of yourself in the bargain is completely absent. We are both unapologetically ourselves. It is completely astonishing and I take nothing for granted. This is an all consuming, life altering kind of love. It is absolutely everything.

Travel didn’t die after all, but it has had to stay close to home. Now that I am once again a part of a “we”, that entails an adjustment to the logistical nature of things. Working around vacation days, budgeting for things, actually being involved in planning instead of just winging everything. I am not the most rigid traveler in the world. In fact I tend to play things pretty fast and loose. But now I have to blend my style with someone else’s and it has been transformative. I have found out things about myself in a handful of trips. For this new perspective, I am grateful.

As previously mentioned, my creative nature has come to the forefront again and I intend to use this space as the principal canvas for these bursts of energy. If you some how found your way to my corner of the internet, thank you for joining me. I hope to provide you with some inspiration and entertainment, or at very least a wordy distraction.

In any matter, I am immensely grateful for the life I have, and excited for the life I will have.

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