A divide.

It has almost certainly been covered on the various news outlets but I thought it’d be interesting to share a view from inside the generational divide the country is in the middle of. In my opinion, some of the language could be dropped altogether, since it creates a false dichotomy, an “us versus them” way of thinking that entrenches us all in our categories.

You’ve certainly seen some of the problematic word choices I’m referring to: boomer, gen x, millenial, gen y, gen z, blah blah blah. More than ever, words matter. How we label ourselves and one another needs an overhaul. People with marketing departments came up with the descriptors to categorize us into who will buy what. Each successive generation sees the last as tired and incapable of seeing the bigger picture.

…Like any of us do.

Every single one of us has a different version of what life is about and guess what? That’s amazing. We all have the ability to choose our own path. No path is inherently right or wrong, but it is specifically tailored to the individual. If anything makes the U.S. great, it is this particular freedom.

You can choose to not work and live in a dumpster.

You can choose to grind out 40 hours a week for 40 years.

You can choose to do literally nothing.

Regardless of the choice, you have the freedom to make it. Every single one of us can make our own way, however we choose. The same way every other person can make it their way to judge you and your decisions. This is also perfectly fine. You control your reactions to other people and their opinions and that is all those judgments are, an opinion.

It is up to all of us to try and do our level best to live and let live. So long as what another person is doing doesn’t infringe upon you or the general public, who gives a shit what they choose to do? Why spin out over trivial nonsense when you could just focus on making your life as ideal as you see fit?

There’s a colloquialism that I stole from somewhere I can’t recall and it sums my view of the imaginary divide very well: You do you, boo, you do you.

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