Thanksgiving week.

It’s always a strange week for those of us in the States who have Thanksgiving as a holiday. On a Thursday.

It is a hold over from our early times, from before we were even really a country yet, but it doesn’t stop us from ruining the better part of a week in the name of forced interaction with people you seldom see. It’s also a perfectly legit excuse to get middle of the week wasted the night before Thanksgiving.

This year is slightly different in my circle of humans. There isn’t really much of a plan on Thanksgiving but we are going to host friends on another coveted American “not really a holiday holiday” Black Friday. That is a much better use of our time and money, as none of us are really shoppers anyway. It is certainly nice to be able to look forward to something when I know winter is knocking at the door within a month. The doldrums have set in and I can feel them early, but I’m doing my level best to essentially distract myself from the months ahead.

This space is a lovely form of distraction. I’m thankful to have it, and a family and friends who will help me through.

Cheers to them all.

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