Well lit tunnels.

For the better part of four years I have focused a great deal of my attention on the elimination of a debt for the business I am charged with operating. This is a debt which took a decade or more to incur, one which took away entire days of my life with thought, planning, and execution. Through my concerted, often dogged efforts, the debt has been brought within striking distance.

As of January 1, 2022 this seemingly endless debt will be officially cleared. The overwhelming sense of relief that is forthcoming has already begun to wash over me. There is grand feeling of accomplishment when you see the finish line of a grueling march. With this feeling comes a serenity of knowing that I will never be again be flattened by this debt and the weight that it bore upon me. Never again will my sense of self worth be tied to whether or not I attended to this obligation.

This is a prime opportunity to take stock of this accomplishment and to extend my sincerest gratitude to all of the players involved who faithfully honored their contracts and payment arrangements. All of those people who aided me in orchestrating this years long attack on debt. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without all of your efforts this goal might never have been possible. You have an ally in me for life, for whatever that may be worth.

Today’s smile is genuine and unforced. 2022 promises to bring more of them. Let’s go there and see what kind of greatness is in store.

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