Daily efforts have a way of relegating the important things of life to the back burner.  Through the drudgery the long term and truly memorable things become obscured.  I am taking this chance to acknowledge the obscured vision and direct my focus inward again.

The short term (by year’s end) goals remain the same:

  1. Savings goal by 12/31/17
  2. Book travel for final week of 17 / First week of 18
  3. Create 2018 travel goals
  4. Continue to work on career and side hustle opportunities to make it all happen

My confidence in all of these remains very high, as I have been doing as well as ever with my decisions toward these ends.  With continued perseverance, I am poised to make 2018 vastly more awesome than 2017 has turned out to be (…And it has been pretty great all things considered).

Present and ready for the future.

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