A $10,000.00 can of Coke.

A $10,000.00 can of Coke.

A picture is worth 10,000 words in the case of the one above.  A little background first and a focus on the near future:

So what brought me to acquire this absurdly priced can?  A car that was worth the value of a case of Coke drove me to it.  I had ran my Pontiac G6 once to the Moon and had made the transit around to return when I decided it was time to move forward with something new.

Within 24 hours I had pinpointed the vehicle I was after and went in to finance it on a lark.  (My credit was a little rough… alright it was cut up like the Rockies)  Much to my surprise, my generous automobile purveyor (Could you hear the disdain?) shot me a text that said “We got you approved, come out and sign the papers tonight and you can drive it away.”  As I sat and waited for my turn that evening, my salesman stopped in to chat and said I could grab myself something to drink and a snack so I grabbed this 7.5 oz can of Coke and before I could blink it was empty.  Then I got the nod to come sign the papers.

The finance terms were obviously appalling, something on par with the interest rates of a entry rate credit card more than a car loan.  Turns out I would be paying 50/50:  Equal parts worth of the car and interest.  A sale price of right around 10,000.00 and interest that almost matched.  It was at this moment I resolved this loan would not last more than one year.  And that I would keep this can as a reminder of what 10,000.00 really buys in the “first world” when you are deemed less than credible.

Now I have come to take the humor from this situation as I begin plotting my plans for 2018 and beyond.

At the end of 2017 I will be able to say “Don’t laugh, it’s paid for.” And I will have a nice, shiny can or two to show for my labors.

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