Thunderstorms in February.

Despite what an east coast ground-rodent has predicted, the rain came this morning.  Along with the showers an accompaniment of flashing lights and booming.  The seasons are getting increasingly strange as the years go on… so too are we all.

As I continue this post from yesterday, I sit inside the home freezing as it has once again become the appropriate season for the date.  The entire day was spent on the road sitting in meetings and watching snow fly outside the office.  As it so happens, in the conference room where we were having the meeting, there was a painting on the wall.

The painting was where my mind wandered all day.  There was business discussion and although I was engaged when I needed to be, my eyes kept finding their way back to that imagined coastal window.  Sailboats on the water, soft breeze pushing the wispy white curtains to the side, hazy sun obscured by clouds but the entire painting (as pointed at by a fellow wanderer) was noticeably bright for depicting what appeared to be a cool palette.  It made me want to be there, anywhere, where the coast was just outside the window.  Fortunately for me, in just over a month, I’ll find myself on the left coast to celebrate Paddy’s in the best way imaginable.

This begins my journey, but will only be the first step of a million miles.

So now I look to the sky in anticipation of streaking cross the country as an arrow, shooting all the way out.  My (wander)lust is insatiable, time to feast.

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