Not my thing really.

It’s Christmas.  That’s a special day for a lot of people out there but I am honestly not one of them.  I look forward to later this week and the time away.  There is no chance for introspection and contemplation here right now, and the time away will give me that much needed respite.

I plan to come out the other side of the week more disciplined in my meditation practice and writing storms up.

Time will soon tell.  3 days and some change left to hit the air.

A Whale’s Vagina

San Diego, you beautiful place you…  Soon your sunny skies will embrace my skin.  So long as the city isn’t on fire.

All is planned aside from choosing a vehicle to rent for the week.  It’d be great to have a convertible to really luxuriate in the rays, but it’s a lot of money for something I don’t get to keep.  If I come across any sort of windfalls I’ll splurge but will probably end up with something practical and boring.  So long as I have some wheels it is all good.

There are not particular plans other than being in L.A. on New Years Eve.  That will, by default, be the most eventful New Years Eve I have had in a very long time.  Much of my time will be spent in meditation, basking in warmth like a lizard person, and doing some writing and introspection.  It won’t be all business though. 😉

Gotta get me some In-N-Out while I’m out this time…  Animal Style EVERYTHING!