…Aaaaaaaaand trip planned.

Today I made the decision that I’ll be going to see one of my favorite bands of all time the first week of November.  The show is the inaugural instance of what has been dubbed Dia de los Deftones.  I have listened to the Deftones since 1997 and somehow over the past 21 years, I haven’t managed to see them in concert.  So I combined two of my favorite things, traveling and concerts into one long weekend.

The show will be taking place at Petco Park in San Diego (which happens to be one of my favorite places in the entire States), and will feature several acts that will help me broaden my horizons a little, and the Deftones, which will fulfill a 20+ year drought.

Plane tickets are purchased (and I will fly out of IND this time, yes!), and the ticket to the show.  Next week I’ll pick up an AirBnB and a rental car.  The airline is the no frills carrier Frontier who I have never flown with.  The checkout process bordered on annoying because they really barrage you with all the things you can add to your flight.  Since they are the “bear fare” carrier,  everything that isn’t a place to put your ass and a personal item sized (14″x18″x8″) bag is an upgrade.  I’ve flown Spirit, this isn’t my first rodeo.  The entire round trip from an airport that isn’t an absolute nightmare (Sorry O’hare…) was $147.40.  Yeah.  I’ll deal with having no idea what seat I get for that.

Now I’ll just grab myself a little efficiency room, a car with some pickup, and a few days of west coast Vitamin D.

Life is good and I am immensely grateful.


Didn’t take long.

I’ve been home for a total of 3 days and I am ready to get out there again.  This has become a problematic trend.

Go out, see something staggering, return home, be underwhelmed, begin plans for the next staggering thing.  I am not saying this will be something incredible in the next few days, but it does have me eyeing 2019 pretty hard as a banner year for international travel.  It is time to collect more flags…

Between now and then, though, I plan to hit the left coast again.  Perhaps within a month on a weekend bender.

Time will soon tell, but this particular bite from the travel bug sunk deep.