The first foray into the world of Travel Hacking.

After what seems like several years of cursory research into a veritable “secret society”, I have taken my first steps to join the not-so-secret group around of travel hackers around the world.  As with any plunge, the jump is equal parts exciting and hesitant.

I’m falling though, might as well embrace gravity.

Since I begin this journey from a clean slate so-to-speak, I must first build some reputation among an industry I attribute with something less than saintly behavior.  This is a leg of the same industry that attempted to bankrupt the entire world in 2008.  So although I am proceeding, I am doing so with the utmost caution and attention to detail, taking my efforts back to what many might consider archaic techniques:  Documenting everything I do with pen and paper.  Everything.  Every dollar that moves from one place to another is written down and accounted for.  Embarrassing for anyone who embraces modern technological marvels?  Sure.  But for me it adds a giant layer of accountability that anything cloud based will fail to cover.  This sheet and subsequent sheets will maintain a prominent place on my desk in plain sight.  I can not minimize them, or close the tab they are in, or forget my credentials for them.  They are right THERE *points to right side of desk*.  They mock me for details and for more input.  Soon enough, you hungry paper pad…  Data points galore.

Much more to come, successes and failures alike.