Scotland and the promise of future adventures.

In order to keep this space on track, I have made all of the previous posts private while I weed through the ones that were not about travel.

This is no longer just a place for me to talk about anything and everything, that space is over here:

Travel has been put on the backburner over the past couple of years as I have experienced some pretty major shifts in day-to-day life and priorities. But finally, it’s time to get out there again and get back to the task of visiting just as much of the planet as I can.

The next trip has been planned and it will be Scotland in late September/early October. This time I will be adventuring with my love and it is a chance to experience the joys of travel together. I will be posting about all of the elements of the trip here starting with the planning through to a summary of the experience after it’s said and done. It has been entirely too long but it’s better late than never.

Back to it, still so much to see.

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