Landlocked and listless.

Waiting is terrible as far as games are concerned.  The opponent is one impossible to beat and will kill you in the end.  Time waits for no one, and shows no remorse as it rolls over us all.  To be fair is not in the nature of such a force, but as it destroys, so too, does it mend.  Time has no concern of loss or gain, only to fulfill its agenda, an eternal march.  Time is apathetic to our love, our hate, our triumphs, and our trials.  Time is responsible for all things but will not be held responsible for anything.

There is no escaping aside from the acceptance that there is no way out.  Liberation comes from surrender and embracing all the time you have.  Fear no death because it takes no pleasure in your end.  Fear living afraid of death, as it makes you as good as gone to those who need you here and now.

Live without regrets and die well when you must.

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