Meanwhile in England…

After months of waiting I have taken the leap to explore the world.  I started out with what could only be referred to as an “easy” beginning, and am currently visiting England.  This is largely friendly territory, in fact friendly to a fault.  The English are truly a humble and generous people from all I gather.  My hosts are absolutely incredible and I am honored they allowed me to stay with them.  They don’t understand what a great service they have done for me and I’m certain I can never repay them.

I’ll not name them out of respect but I am forever grateful for this opportunity they have given me.  The opportunity to get the hell out of my comfort and time zone.

This is only the beginning, 2 flags to fly in one trip.  Not too shabby, though.

Cheers from the land where everything has sausages and gravy (just about the highest order compliment that exists).

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