Day 1 in the books visiting Dublin.  Started the morning with some work and then grabbed an Uber to St. Stephen’s Green.  This was a perfect start to the day.  A little communing with nature in the middle of a bustling city.  It is the toned down version of Central Park.  It was a luscious green landscape in the middle of a concrete jungle.  Absolutely gorgeous and got me hooked to see more of Dublin.

Since I had no particular plans I just walked around Dublin all day.  Did circles around the city center to see it all.  Stopped in to a place called the Porter House and had a porter and some fish and chips, and went to another place referred to as the Queen of Tarts for a bit of dessert goodness.  After all that food I decided I’d walk it off and hoof it all the way back to my AirBnB which was a few miles out of the center.

I’ve planned a trip to the Cliffs of Moher for Thursday which I am looking forward to very much and now I just need to pick some sights to see tomorrow and Wednesday to cap off a fine trip.  Guinness and Jameson don’t sound half bad…  When in Dublin, I suppose!

With love from Dublin.

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