Day One 2018

I find myself in southern California and basking in the sunshine and warmth to start out 2018.  New Years Day was something much more special than that, though…

After shaking the dust off from New Years Eve, my gracious California host and I made our way to Millie’s for some breakfast.  The crowd was large but the service was excellent, and we were sitting on the sidewalk outside in the California sun with people walking dogs by almost the entire time.  What isn’t to love?

What better way to burn off a 12,000 calorie breakfast than walking what seemed like 20 miles to the top of Griffith Observatory?  (Note to self, maybe resolutions aren’t bullshit… Alright they are.)  The views from the balconies at the observatory are completely stunning, and it was nice to see the Hollywood sign with as much clarity as a smog-filled LA sky can provide.

Without a moment of hesitation, though, the highlight was definitely the second leg of our trip.  We found our way south to visit and pay tribute to a writer and fellow lost soul, Mr. Charles Bukowski.  It was an honor just to be there, to know that little about him and to still feel absolutely humbled in the presence of his memory.

“Don’t try.”

With my legs filled with as much lactic acid as they could possibly handle, the message of my fitness level was received, but naturally I ignored it and in the evening I found myself grabbing some In-N-Out for the first time.  I will say that the legend is true… The fries were ludicrous, the Animal Style Double Double was juicy and all the other adjectives for a tasty burger.  I’d say my day had something close to 20,000 calories, so I feel like I got the top score.

It’s been a great trip thus far and will wrap up on Friday.  I have been in pleasant human company and have found pleasant company with the surroundings as well.  The beauty of San Diego simply can not be overstated!

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