Near the edge of the Western World.

Today I found myself without a schedule or a care in the world, much like the theme of this week.

I decided it would not be a trip to the left coast without walking on the beach so I chose the Mission variety.  I made my way south toward Mission Point and decided that it was challenge accepted.  As I was standing there surveying my path, I reached to place my phone in my pocket.  Naturally it tumbled between some rocks that were far too narrow for my wide ass to get to.  Luckily a young gentleman risked scuffing up a nice track suit to recover it for me.  I do not know your name, lad, but you saved my day from absolute shit.

After this I placed all of my pocketed belongings into a pocket that has a zipper.  If they were destroyed now it was because I fell off the rocks and am probably severely injured and I won’t give a shit about any of that stuff.

I began my journey out on the stone “walkway” and tested my skills of balance all the while.  The end result would be worth the effort.  And I was not disappointed.

I found myself on a rocky point with only the ocean in sight to my front, surfers behind me waiting for good curls, and pier-dwellers to my left, across a bay.  It was silent, save for the sea’s incessant crashing on the rocks.  It was astonishingly beautiful.  The air was light with sea breeze, the sounds were intoxicating, and peace was everywhere.

I am a lucky man, and I am not unaware of this fact.

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